Medical Farewell Letter

By | June 12, 2012

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Dr. (Complete Name) Dean, Faculty of Medicine (Name of University/College)

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Dear Dr. (Last Name),

Being an alumnus of (name of university/college), I was taught to be a well rounded individual – not only excelling in academics but more importantly to be of genuine service to people. It will forever ring in my head your word of wisdom “Keep the Hippocratic Oath at all times and you will be a doctor with


The road to the fulfillment of my dreams to become a doctor will not be made possible without the expert guidance of all the faculty of my alma mater. You were always there to inspire us to be the best in our chosen path. Now that I am facing the real world of helping people, I will always reckon to my university days when every struggle meant triumph.

Thank you for molding me to become a doctor for the people. My success will always be the success of

(name of university/college).


(Your name)

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