Office Farewell Letter

By | June 12, 2012

(Your Address Line 1)

(Your Address Line 2)


Marketing Team (Name of Company) (Company Address Line 1) (Company Address Line 2)

Dear Teammates,

You’ve heard it right! I will be leaving the company effective (date) to join (Name of future Company) as

(new job position).

How can I forget the (number) years I’ve spent with you guys? The hectic schedule of product launchings and the back breaking deadlines to meet all of our clients’ needs were all test of my wits. The adrenalin rush was supplemented by endless refill of coffee – thanks for the caffeine booze. But on a serious note I will surely miss you all.

(First Name 1), I will leave to you my coffee mug so that you will not use anybody’s mug at the pantry. (First Name 2), you will have to bring your breakfast from now on since I will not just be a table away

from you. No more free breakfasts buddy.

(First Name 3), my flat mate is willing to carpool with you.

Let’s keep in touch. I will be forwarding to you my new contact numbers as soon as I’m settled in my new workplace. My email address will still be active to receive the latest news from you.


(Your Name)

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