Volunteer Farewell Letter

By | December 4, 2012

Mr. Allen Donald

Field Manager

Cooper & Co. New Jersey

Invitation to farewell function

Dear Mr. Allen Donald,

We came to know that you will be leaving this organization by the end of this month in order to take up your new job at Wisconsin. We thank you for your able guidance as our Field Manager all these years and your encouragement and support helped us to a great extent to fulfill our tasks.

We recollect with gratitude the cordiality you extended to your subordinates and the privileges you provided to us for expressing our views and ideas. You had been a mentor for us rather than a senior colleague. We promise you that in your absence also we will continue to follow the path that you have shown to us to achieve the best results.

We convey our good wishes to you in your new job as well as your personal life. As a mark of our respect and gratitude to you we have arranged a farewell function for you tomorrow in the office premises.

We cordially invite you to participate in the function and give us the opportunity to have a few exciting moments in your company. Though you are leaving this organization we shall be in touch with you and will seek your blessings and advises in all our endeavors.

With warm regards,

Peter Greg,

Staff Association Secretary

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