Debt Collection Follow Up Letter

By | August 2, 2012


_____________________ [Mention the name of the receiver of the letter]

_____________________ [Mention the address of the receiver]

_____________________ [Mention the address of the receiver]

Date _____________ [Mention the date on which the letter is written]

Subject: _________________ (Mention the reason of writing the letter in not more than one line) 

Respected Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. _____________ [Mention the last name of the person to whom the letter is send],

I am writing this letter in regard to the loan that you had taken from our ______________ (mention bank or financial institution), __________________________ (mention the name of the bank or financial institution from where the loan was taken). Your loan number is ______________ (mention the loan number) with the principal amount of _________________ (mention the amount). You had agreed to pay an installment of _______________ (mention the installment amount) each month against this loan. However, we have not been receiving timely payments from your end.

The last payment which we received was on ­­­­­­______________ (mention the date) post which we have not received any payment from you. We had sent a reminder regarding the same earlier as well but received no reply.

Kindly pay the due amount by the ____________ (mention the date) else we would be forced to take a legal action against you.


_____________________ [Mention your name]

_____________________ [Mention your Designation]

_____________________ [Mention your contact number]

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