Debt Validation Follow Up Letter

By | August 2, 2012

___________ [Sender’s name]

 _____________________ [Sender’s address]

 _________________ [Telephone number]


____________ [Creditor’s name]

____________ [Department of the creditor]

_______________ [Creditor’s address]

___________ [Date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: debt validation follow up letter

Dear ________________ [mention the proper salutation]

I, ____________ [name of the sender] have already sent you my request to validate my debt having account no.____________ [mention the account number] on__________ [date]. According to the___________ [mention the act made by law on debt validation], I have the right to __________ [mention the rights of the sender] and you are required to provide me with ______________ [mention the documents that are to be provided].

I would now like to notify you about the violation of _______________[reasons for notification to be mentioned]and you are to be subjected to a fine of__________ [amount], which I can collect from you by making my request to the court and I am afraid that I may carry on this threat if _______________[reasons for the threat to be mentioned].

I have written this letter in order to remind you that invalidated information regarding my credit account would____________ [mention the negative effects of invalidated information]. Thus it is your responsibility to clear my position regarding my credit account.


__________________ [Senders name and designation]

__________________ [Signature]

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