Follow Up Recommendation Letter

By | December 4, 2012

Lyra Howell,

17894 Paddington Road

Sheffield, New England, 50784



Adam Morales

Prof. of Natural History

University of Wales

126 Harrington Street

South Wales, New England, 51832

Dear Prof. Morales,

This letter is sort of a reminder to let you know that the date for the submission of my job application is quickly approaching. As a result, I request you to complete my letter of recommendation as early as is convenient to you.

I have been offered the position of an assistant to the senior researcher in the Natural Science wing of the Smithsonian. It is an esteemed position and, as I have stated earlier, a recommendation from you would be enough to make or break my career. I always enjoyed your classes as a student at the University and I’m glad you remember me even after all these years.

If required, I would be more than glad to resend my materials for recommendation along with any more details you might be lacking to complete the letter of recommendation. You can easily get in touch with me at 64490238 or you can send me an email at I am looking forward to hearing from your end.

I must thank you once again for agreeing to write my letter, taking some time out from your busy schedule.


Lyra Howell.

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