Follow Up Resignation Letter

By | December 12, 2012

Stuart Corben,
10954 SE Middle Street
Milwaukee, Oregon, 97222


Ned Stiles
Director of Sales
Procter and Gamble
11/4 Holybrooke Lane
Green Avenue, New York, 910602

Dear Mr. Stiles:

I recently submitted a letter expressing my desire to resign from my current position in your esteemed company. To date, I have not heard from your office. So, I would prefer to confirm whether you have received my application for resignation and stress on the need to leave the company.

I must once again lay stress on the fact that the situation is highly regrettable but I must assure you that my decision to leave the company does not in any way reflect any personal issues or grievances I hold against my colleagues. In fact, I have enjoyed and learned a lot from my time with the company. But sadly, my daughter has sent for me back in Europe.

So, I have no choice but to shift there. I am currently on the lookout for another job in my future area of residence.

If required, I would be happy to resend my resignation application or provide more details you might require to process the application. I can be got in touch with at 88057439 or I am eager to hear from you.


Stuart Corben

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