Purchase Order Follow Up Letter

By | August 2, 2012


________________ [recipient/seller name]

________________ [recipient’s company/organization name]

_________________ [address of company/organization]

________________ [contact number of recipient]

Date: _____________ [dd/mm/yy]

Subject: purchase order follow up letter

Respected _____________ [name of recipient/seller or proper salutation]

Hello, hope you are doing fine. I, ______________ [name of the buyer/sender] am writing this letter to you to follow up the _________________ [mention the purpose of writing the letter]. I placed the order by order number ___________ [mention the order number of the placed order] and would like to know about ______________ [mention the inquiry of the buyer]. Hope you will help me out with the same.

Our company ______________________ [mention the name of the company of the buyer] is based in ______________ [mention the location of the buyer’s company/organization]. It has been in this business since _____[mention year of formation of company]. Our company deals in ______________ [mention the details of the business of the buyer] and works by the motto of _________________ [mention the motto of the company].

Please let us know the required details and hope ____________ [mention the expectations of the buyer].

Thank you for providing us with your services.

Yours faithfully

_____________________ [sender’s name]

_____________________ [sender’s official signature]

______________________ [sender’s official address]

______________________ [sender’s contact number]

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