Bank Fundraising Letter

By | June 15, 2011

Paul Smith,


Green Rural Finance Inc,


June 09, 2011

Richard Thomas,


Thomas International Finance Inc,



Dear Mr. Richard,

Our bank is one of the prominent banks to provide rural finance. This bank is in existence for last 25 years. During these 25 years we have provide helped several rural people by providing essential finance at good concessional rate.

We have planned to introduce a scheme which can help to acquire credit for those poor people who do not have money for the education of their children and for those who do not have money for their higher education can get credit under this scheme. We have planned to provide finance under this scheme for long period and at higher concessional rate so that people do not find any burden and shortage of time in repaying the debt.

We would like to request for your contribution to this scheme so that we can reach to more number of needy people by providing more and more credit.

Thank you for giving your time for reading this letter.

Thank you,

Yours Truly,

Paul Smith