Easter Fundraising Letter

By | August 6, 2012


_______________ (Mention the name of the recipient)

_______________ (Mention the recipient’s designation)

________________ (Mention the area where the recipient is residing)

__________________ (Write the date on which the letter is being written)

Subject: _____________________ (Mention the purpose of writing the letter in short)

Respective Mr./ Ms./ Ms ____________ (Mention the Last Name of the person),

I, ______________ (mention your name), working as _____________ (mention your designation) of _______________ (mention the name of the area, society or your apartments) am writing this letter on behalf of the resident welfare association of my ___________ (area/ apartments/ society, whichever is applicable). I and the other association members are planning to organize a get together on Easter for which we require some funds. The celebration would begin at ___________ (mention the time at which the celebration would begin) and would continue till _______ (mention the time).

Like each year, a number of new families have shifted to our area. And this get together would give us an opportunity to get to know each other in a better way. We would be arranging ____________ (mention as to what all arrangements you would be making) for the celebration for which we require a sum of _______________ (mention the amount required).

We would be very grateful if you help in arranging these funds.

Thanks and Regards,

________________ (Mention your name)

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