Fundraising Application Letter

By | November 30, 2012


Mrs. Katherine Stewart

12, Orange Boulevard,

Seattle, WA, 903 218

Dear Mrs. Stewart,

How many children below the age of 15 are diagnosed with terminally-ill diseases each year? Statistics suggest that over 3400 children fall prey to terminally ill diseases between the age of 12 and 15 every year, due to lack of medical resources, and other financial shortcomings.

Jimmy Evans, an 11 year old boy from Boston, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with leukemia eleven months ago. For the first seven months Jimmy’s mother, a single-parent of two thought it best to get him admitted in the community hospital. However, due to insufficient state finding, it was under-staffed and poorly maintained. Jimmy’s condition started to worsen. He was moved to a better facility with a larger staff, better infrastructure and doctors five months ago, and his results, although not decisive yet, are already looking up.

We at Make a Wish Foundation aim at aiding more children like Jimmy, and helping those further along than him have brighter days. Any amount donated by you would help us achieve our goal with better efficiency. We thank you in anticipation.


Jake Spock


Make a Wish Foundation

New York, NY, 411 758)

P.S. We would like you to know that an amount as little as $5.00 can help a terminally challenged child get closer to having a wish come true.

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