Fundraising Opportunity Letter

By | December 21, 2012


All Team Members,

Omaha Golfing Community

Dear Team Members,

On behalf of the Omaha Golfing Community, we would like to offer you a fantastic fundraising opportunity. One of the biggest fundraisers organized by the Community annually is the Golf Tournament (ages 18-21), where the primary source of funds is the numerous sponsors. Sponsorship is typically in the form of advertisement on a tee sign, clubs-bag, or a silver, gold or platinum sponsor logo on the cap.

This year, we are offering the opportunity for members to receive $20 for every $100 raised, and 40% of all sponsorship earnings would be applied towards fundraising. We will be hosting the Annual Golf Tournament (ages 18-23) at the Pontiac Golf Course in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, the 21st of July.

The success of the tournament is entirely dependent upon the participation of every family in some way or another, and there is plenty to be done! Families can participate by seeking sponsorships, signing up golfers in teams and individually, working the tournament itself, or by supplying items for the silent auction to be held post-tournament.

Please keep in mind that fundraising dollars are carried over from one year to the next. So please, join us in making the most of this grand event.


Mike O’Donnell, Co-Chair

Omaha Golfing Community


Expressway 14,

Omaha, Nebraska, 421 775

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