Fundraising Rejection Letter

By | December 21, 2012


The Better Home Foundation

183, Freedom Road,

Nashville, Tennessee, 833 406

Dear Better Home Foundation,

We thank you for your request for financial assistance. Unfortunately, we are unable to entertain your grant for this year, since there are limited funds and numerous credible organizations vying for them. We regret the lack of contribution from us to your cause, and hope to be more involved in the next event.

In some cases we do not approve a request since it does not particularly confine itself to our agenda and its interests, in others because it contains general operating expenses, commercial fees or building programs conflicting to our contractual and/or ethical obligations.

Sometimes, the cause of a request being dropped is the receipt of incomplete documentation. Unfortunately, there are a few instances where there are simply not enough assets to honor all of the worthy requests.

It is our hope that you are able to acquire all the required support from alternative sources. We wish you success in your efforts, and would once again like to express our remorse at not being able to participate. Please feel free to apply to us for future assistance, and do not hesitate to contact me directly should you need further assistance in this matter.


Jason Bourne

Morgan&Felini Builders

(14092, Madison Avenue,

Fort Worth, Texas, 561 772)

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