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Dear Mr. / Ms. (Lat Name),

Our organization is annually holding fundraising events to support the various projects that help alleviate the living conditions of war veterans. Many of these war veterans have sacrificed a lot in defending our country yet when they come home, they face many problems.

This year we will be holding the Salute to the Veterans Golf Tournament (replace with the name of your tournament) on (date) at (location of golf course).

We know that you are a golf enthusiast. Wouldn’t it be great to have fun and at the same time contributing to a worthy cause? The tournament fee is as follows:

•     Single                     – $ (amount)

•     Pair                         – $ (amount)

•     Group of 4           – $ (amount)

Financial pledges are also appreciated. To show your support, please fill out the registration and pledge forms and return to us using the enclosed envelope.

See you at the greens! Sincerely,


(Printed Name)



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