Personal Fundraising Letter

By | August 6, 2012


_______________ (Mention the name of the recipient)

_______________ (Mention the person’s designation)

________________ (Mention the area where the recipient is residing)

_________________ (Write the name of the city and state)

__________________ (Write the date on which the letter is being written)

Subject: _____________________ (Give a suitable subject for the letter)

Respective Mr. / Ms. / Ms ____________ (Last Name),

I would like to introduce myself as ____________ (mention your name) resident of ___________ (mention the name of the area/ society you are residing in). Since the last _____________ (mention the period of time) I have been facing _________________ (mention the problem being faced by you) due to which my ________________ (mention the consequence of this problem). The issue has impacted my entire family.

I have spoken to the _____________ (mention the name of the person you have spoken to) and he has given an estimate of _______________ (mention the amount of estimated money) for rectifying this problem. However, at present I do not have enough funds to get out of this situation.
I would request you to please provide some funds so that I can get this issue rectified at the earliest. I promise to pay back the entire amount by _________ (mention the month/ year).

I hope to get a positive response from your end.

Thanks and Regards,

_______________ (Mention your name)

_______________ (Mention your contact number)

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