General Hardship Letter

By | November 30, 2012


The Dean


Dear Mr. Turner,

My name is John Dorian. I have already completed two years of my education here at MIT. Unfortunately, I am compelled to ask for assistance with my tuition for my final year, due to financial hardships.

From the enclosed transcripts you would learn that I was able to maintain a 3.8 GPA through both the years I’ve been here. I take my education seriously, but also must maintain a fulltime job in order to pay for school and living expenses. During the fall vacation I was informed that starting this year, I will get a reduction in my hours.

I work every hour I can while still paying sufficient attention to my education, and while making near minimum wage, it’s important that I work every hour I can.

I would request you to consider a small reduction in my tuition fees this year. My education is important to me, and my grades haven’t dropped despite a full time job. A reduction in the fees is the only way I could continue attending this school, and my degree is vital to my future prospects.

If you would like to meet me in person to discuss this, I can make myself available at any given time convenient.

Yours Sincerely,

John Dorian

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