General Internship Cover Letter

By | June 13, 2012

(Your Name)

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Mr. / Ms. (Complete Name)


(Company Name)

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Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name),

Your company has long been revered in the business market to be an advocate of giving equal opportunity to all employees – regardless of race and cultural background. This and the recommendation of (Name of referring person), the Dean of the College of Business Management at (Name of University), have been the deciding factors why I choose to spend my internship with your company.

I am a senior student taking up Management. The experience that I will be getting from your company will during my internship will greatly help me pursue a management career after graduation. I have enclosed my resume and the letter of recommendation from Dean (Name).

May I please be informed of your response to my internship application before (date)? I will call your office on (date) follow-up. I am looking forward for a favorable reply.



(Printed Name)

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