General Letter of Reprimand

By | August 16, 2010





From:  _____ (Office)


Subject:  Letter of Reprimand


  • It has come to my attention that you have _____ (describe the offense) on ______ (date).
  • As you know it is a crime in the Army to behave like this.  We want our members to be sincere and responsible.  I had considered you as a promising young soldier, but this misconduct has taken away my faith in you.
  • It will be beneficial to you if you work diligently in restoring our faith.  Otherwise you will have to face the consequences, which may include court-martial under Article _____.
  • We do give you an opportunity to voluntarily submit comments or documents for a fair consideration within three days.

You will have to acknowledge receipt of this letter in the space below.

Supervisor’s name, Rank



Name of the person

TO:  _____ (Office)

Received memo at _____ hours on _____ date.  I have read and understood the case against me and decide (not to)/(to) submit a reply statement.


Name of person, Rank