General Release Letter

By | November 30, 2012


Jeremy Bernshaw

64, Gordon Street

New York, 65889

Dear Jeremy,

This letter refers to your resignation submitted on July 21, 2012. We would like to inform you that you are hereby released from your duties and responsibilities towards Great Links Private Limited.

The resignation letter submitted by you mentioned health issues due to which you would not be able to continue working for the company. The letter also confirmed your willingness to serve 2 months of notice period. Your resignation had been accepted by us. You have successfully served the notice period. We are relieving you from the position of Chief Architect.

We would like to draw your attention towards the Employee Secrecy Agreement that you signed with Great Links Private Limited prior to assuming your responsibilities in the company. Kindly note that irrespective of your relationship with the company you will be bound by the aforementioned agreement. Additionally, for any damage caused during your employment because of your acts, faults, and negligence, you will liable to a legal action.

We would like to thank you for the contribution you have made in the growth of the company. We wish you success in your future pursuits.

Yours Sincerely,

Kelly Norton

HR Manager

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