Goodbye Company Letter

By | December 24, 2012

HR Manager

ABC Inc.,

Florida, USA

Sub: Letter of Resignation from ABC Inc.

Deal Sir

With due respect I wish to say that It has been quite a successful and satisfactory career for me at ABC Inc. working as Software Development Engineer (BDE) for the last 5 years. During my job tenure at this company I have added many achievements of developing high-end and highly efficient software for various applications.

However, developing unique and high-end software for the Mobile and Smartphone has always been my passion and all-time interest as well. That is why, with your kind permission, I wish to resign from ABC Inc. due to the above mentioned reason.

Let me take time, in good faith, to intimate respected HR department that I, the undersigned, have been successful in securing a senior level position of interest at a company willing to appoint me in my hometown. Keeping in view my family requirements I decided to forward my resignation from ABC Inc.

Keeping in view urgency of the switching I humbly request you to initiate all formalities to be complete within stipulated time period. However, if there is any formality to be completed from my part please intimate me with the intended formalities to be completed. Thanking you in anticipation.

Bobby S Winselet

14th Regional Street,


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