Goodbye Coworker Letter

By | December 12, 2012

AB Technologies Inc.

10th Street,


Sub: Letter Bidding Farewell to Co-workers

Dear Colleagues

It has been great pleasure to work all throughout my service tenure as Assistant Manager at Regional Office of AB Technologies Inc. with the excellent support of all people at this office. It pains me to inform you all that I am leaving this office which gave me so much support and growth in my career.

While my senior colleague taught me the skills to deal with complex situations in real life challenges, at the same time I got to share valuable information, courage and ability to take risk from the young and newly joined people.

I would specially thank my supporting staff as well as management at this office. The memories of pleasing relations with people of my very own department would lie deep within my heart throughout my life. Some of fellows have been pretty close to me, specially my personal assistant helping me out finishing all tasks on time with efficiency.

As all of you are already aware of my transfer as well as promotion to Head of the Department at head office of AB Technologies Inc. Let me bid farewell, with heavy heart, to all of my valuable colleagues and I offer my best wishes to all of you.

P.K. Johnson

Lions’ Line Building

10 Market Street


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