Goodbye Divorce Letter

By | December 21, 2012


I realized that writing to you was the only way I could get myself across to you without constantly relapsing into fights.

I never married you thinking that we’d ultimately get divorced. I guess we changed over the years and communication broke down. A normal discussion without accusations and allegations became a rarity. Sean, our needs and priorities are very different. And our constant fights weren’t helping either. Your ego always got in the way and I got tired of fighting all the time. They say opposites attract but perhaps not always.

Since we’re both responsible for our marriage failing we can blame no one else. So bearing that in mind I believe it is best we settle things mutually. I will not press for alimony provided you settle this now and amicably. If I claim for alimony my lawyers will ensure I get one. However I am open to a legal understanding. Being financially independent I can take care of myself.

My lawyers are willing to settle things provided you agree to do the same. We can share the rent of our Brooklyn flat. I shall retain my grandmother’s diamond-ruby set and the jewelry I bought. I shall duly return the jewelry given to me by you and your family. There is no need for long-drawn court battles since they will only further destroy us emotionally and financially.

I hope that you’ll approve of my decision. It’s for the best. I wish you achieve the happiness that eluded us in life.

Take care.


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