Goodbye Graduation Letter

By | December 13, 2012

To the graduating class (2012),

After being together for years, it is now time to bid farewell. Though goodbyes are emotional, I take this opportunity to let you all know that you mean a lot to me. Many of our college events have unified us and proved that unity is strength. We have laughed and cried together, at times even fought with each other.

But now is the time to forget all the bad things that happened between us and relish the good memories of our togetherness. It has been a pleasure being part of this graduating class that has helped me realize what friendship means. It is time to part ways, after this day each one will head towards a different direction busy working towards the future ahead.

No time could be appropriate to thank all my professors and lecturers who have guided me and are responsible for what I am today. Their patience, diligence and noble virtues are responsible for turning each and every one of us into responsible citizens.

As we part ways, we will move into the outside world fighting for recognition and working towards stabilizing our future, I wish everyone best of luck in their future endeavor.

Once again goodbye and thanks for all the support!

Anthony T. Christian

3298 NW 32nd St

Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33309-5502

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