Bank Grievance Letter

By | December 12, 2012

Branch Manager


456 Steve Street, Canada

12th September’2012

Subject: Incomplete records


I have taken a house loan of $12000 from your bank on 1st June’2012 at an interest rate of 9% p.a. to be repaid in 25 Equal Monthly Installments. As per your bank’s requirements, I had issued postdated checks for four EMIs in advance which cover the month of August.

However I am being bothered by constant phone calls and visits by your bank personnel with respect to pending EMI of August. Even after repeated clarification of facts and presentation of official documents, I am being constantly reminded for payment which has already been made. I have been asked to fill again, a form already filled and submitted. Even the physical submission of a copy of documents at your branch has not solved the issue.

I suspect the improperly kept records are the reason behind this confusion. Please get your records updated as the check for August has already been debited to my account on 1st September. Kindly send a final word on what all forms is to be filled along with the list of documents to be attached.

Thank You

Peter Nash

20 E. Avenue, Canada

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