Contract Grievance Letter

By | June 13, 2012

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Mr. / Ms. (Complete Name)


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Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name),

I am sending you this letter to cancel my mobile phone subscription with Account Number 00-0000-000. Please take note that I have called your Customer Hotline on (date) to advise of my intention to cancel my subscription.

The contract stipulates that I can cancel my subscription within thirty (30)- days of trial usage. I find the coverage of your company to be of poor reception and the signal is so weak that usage of the mobile phone is almost impossible in our area. The mobile phone subscription started on (date) and with this writing, it has only been ten (10) days, and therefore, I am entitled to cancellation with no charges or penalties.

With this cancellation, I would like to be assured that no billing collection will be made against my credit card. Please feel free to contact me 555-555-5555 for further clarification on this.


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