Grievance Complaint Letter

By | June 13, 2012

(Name of Company)

(Name of Department/Division)

INTER-OFFICE MEMO (Reference Number)

Date      : (Date)

To           : (Name of Manger)

From     : (Name of Employee making the grievance) Subject: Grievance Letter

The State Law and the Company Policy state that an employee should not be discriminated due to race, creed, ancestry, and color. I wish to inform you that (Complete Name), my supervisor, has shown discrimination against me for several occasions:

•     I am refrained from using the pantry on the count that my supervisor is offended by the smell of my food.

•     I am compelled to use the washroom in the lower ground floor for no apparent reason.

•     I am delegated to a working space away from my co-workers for reasons beyond my comprehension.

If these incidents would not be classified as discrimination, I don’t know how you could implement the so called equal opportunity clause in your job contract. I demand investigation on my grievance. I further request for a grievance meeting where I could bring along a co-worker or a labor union representative.

I am looking forward to your immediate response to this letter.


(Your Name)

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