Grievance Follow Up Letter

By | December 21, 2012

Department of the Human Resources Management

ABC National Services Inc.,

4th Central Park


Respected Sir/Madam,

This is with reference to the issues raised in the application which was submitted on 09/15/2011. The application, as countersigned by all of the employees in customer services department seeking allotment of their Social Security Number and forwarded by me on behalf of the employees, still needs to be processed by the concerned officials of the company.

A reminder to the above said matter was also forwarded to the same department requesting for quick processing of the formalities required to be done in the very next month.

However, as more than 90% of the employees have already completed their services of over 2 years they all are entitled for benefits of Medical services as offered through Social Security Department hospitals, it is the dire need of the time that all of the formalities are completed within the short period of time and no further delay disturb the mental peace of employees.

It is expected that the copies of the Social Security employee benefits is provided to the employees on individual basis. This being the third letter to be issued concerning the same matter, I personally, as well as on behalf of all employees, appeal to you to look into the matter and oblige. Thanking in anticipation.

P.K. Arroyo

6th Park Street,

Middletown, London

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