Grievance Settlement Letter

By | December 8, 2012


Mr. Henry,


Corporation Bank

Branch code: 9087

Dear Mr. Henry,

We have conducted the investigation with regard to your complaint dated 10th September. The banking ombudsman has sent a representative to the respective branch and made an enquiry in this regard.

Mr. Thomas, who is our representative and conducted the investigation, is of the opinion that the bank authorities have failed to stick to the interest rate as promised by them during their promotional event. We found out that the concerned bank officer did not go through all the documentation before charging the interest rate of 9%.

We have directed the bank authorities to refund the extra interest charged on your loan. By the end of the month, the amount will be deposited to your bank account. From now onwards, the existing home loan in your name will be charged with an interest rate of 8% only. We have instructed the bank authorities to follow the interest rate of 8% only on your loan amount.

We apologize on behalf of the bank and do understand the fact that you have been penalized unnecessarily because of negligence by the bank. We assure you of our services in any other instance and hope to continue to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Warm Regards

Adam Smith

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