Nurse Grievance Letter

By | December 4, 2012

County Medical Society

420 E. Avenue, NYC

21st September’2012

Subject: Incapable Nurse


A nurse, Ms. Rose Mary, was sent by your organization at my place, at 12, 2nd Street, NYC, on 1st September’2012 to look after my 10 year old disabled daughter. The kid is under medication for knee amputation and so required a capable nurse who could properly and timely give her medicines and injections.

The young nurse, though is courteous and polite, is incapable of taking proper care of her. The medication given to my daughter is complex and requires expertise which this lady lacks. As we already mentioned to you, we required someone with at least 3 years’ experience in nursing which Ms. Rose don’t have. She has also taken five days leaves in past two weeks which we cannot afford as the kid requires 24 hours observation.

I request you to review the specifications demanded by us and replace Ms. Rose by someone exactly matching the criteria laid down as soon as possible since we cannot afford any more delays. I also expect you to monetary compensate us for the non-punctuality of your nurse.

Thank you

Marina Gomez

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