Termination Grievance Letter

By | February 4, 2014


____________________ [name of the recipient]

____________________ [designation of the recipient]


____________________ [name and address of the recipient’s company]

Date: Mention the date on which the letter is written

Subject: A short and precise subject, relevant to the letter is stated here

Respected Sir/Madam _________ [salutation]

Through this letter, I would like to raise a grievance against the uncalled termination of _____________ [mention the reason for which you have raised a grievance against termination]. This is in reference to the agreement/contract that was entered on ___________ [mention the date on which agreement/contract or policy was entered ] that was to be terminated on ___________ [mention the effective date of termination] but I have got a letter of termination beforehand.

According to the termination procedures, it was mentioned that the early termination can be a result of the following acts:

1) If the person does not obey the rules and regulations set in by the company/organization.

2) Dues if any, unpaid.

3) _______________________________________

4) _______________________________________ [mention other reasons that may result in the termination].

I am best assured that I have not disobeyed or unfulfilled any of the above stated principles or rules and I am therefore lodging a grievance against my uncalled termination. I request you to kindly pay prompt attention to this matter.

Thanking you.


____________ [sender’s name]

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