Work Grievance Letter

By | December 18, 2012


Mr.  Vikram Seth

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21 September 2012

Sub:  work grievance letter

Respected Sir,

I am lodging a grievance letter to invoke the grievance procedure, due to a ‘reasonable belief’ that  I am being given  extra work load as compared to my colleagues working in this workshop, at same time not allowed to switch the department. I have been working in this company past 2 months. But I feel discriminated by the way the work is distributed here by the supervisor.  Until I had no health issues, I never complained and kept on doing the work assigned to me, in whichever department.

All other workers are allowed to switch their departments every week, except me. But recently I have been diagnosed with asthma. The overdose of metallic dust seems to be reason for this, as confirmed by the doctor.  I talked to the supervisor but he has not taken any action yet. I am writing this so that my grievance is heard and some appropriate action is taken in lieu of it.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Ravi Shankar

Worker in the workshop

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