Generic Hardship Letter

By | December 21, 2012


Whomsoever it may concern

I am forced to write this letter owing to the unfortunate circumstances I ended up in. I tried all ways to make the repayment of the loan regularly. But due to the economic crisis in the country, I lost my job and have been searching frantically to meet both the ends meet. It is a tough time for the whole family. With my wife’s salary we are able hardly bear the monthly expenses.

Paying the loan installment is extremely difficult in the present situation. I have been trying hard to get back to work but to no avail as of now. As soon I get placed in some job I would immediately start my loan repayment.

If the bank can postpone the loan payment date to another year, it would be of great help in the present circumstances. I understand the bank authorities have to follow certain rules and regulations. If it can be discussed with the bank legal authorities a decision can be reached upon, it will be of great help.

If things don’t go well even after a year’s recess, I am ready to undergo the consequences and the bank can take the necessary action after one year. But I am positive of getting some placement soon.

I request the bank authorities to issue a letter rescheduling my liabilities. I hope all of you understand my current situation and react accordingly.

Yours Sincerely


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