Good Hardship Letter

By | June 13, 2012

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(Name of Creditor)

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Subject: Account Number xx-xxxx-xx

To Whom It May Concern:

Since (date) I have been experiencing difficulties in meeting my financial obligations due to my medical condition. I have been operated on my spinal column last (date) and since then I could not work on a permanent basis. I was advised by my doctor to get full recuperation for six (6) months and after which, I could perform all my regular functions.

This prompted me to request your assistance for the temporary relief of payment of my loan. I am currently living on my savings and I am finding it very hard to exist. I am confident that after full recovery from my present medical condition, I could return to my previous employment at (Name of Company) as (Job position).

I would like to hear from you on how we could work on my loan payment. Please call me at 555-555-

5555 so that I could provide you with more information to hasten processing of my request.


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