Hardship Payment Letter

By | December 12, 2012


Patricia A. Peters

6991 Petten Curv

Memphis, TN 38133-4878


Carol R. Chambers

Assistant Manager – Vehicle Loans

Car Loan Memphis Services
3655 Millbranch Rd
Memphis, TN 38116-4817

Dear Carol,

Re: Time extension for EMI payment

Loan docket no: SSB RSDD-ID: 839974

I bring to your kind notice that I will not be able to pay my car loan EMI for the month of October. It has been six months and I have not defaulted on my loan payment since. But the awful turn of events has lead to my default. I wanted to inform you in advance that I may not be able to pay my October EMI, as I have lost my job.

I am trying all the best to get into a new job and have a few offers lined up. I wish your company could bear with me. I find it embarrassing to ask you for this favor but I am left with no other option.

I sincerely hope you understand my position and give me some time to clear my payments without penalty. I have always been a good creditor and will strive to be one. Please consider this letter as emergency and get back to me with a favorable reply.

Kindly do the needful. Awaiting your reply.



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