Hardship Rental Letter

By | October 24, 2012


Elizabeth K. Taylor

1635 Camile Pl

Santa Ana, CA 92703-4401


Barbara A. Willis

4610 Penny Ave

Santa Ana, CA 92703-1219

Dear Barbara,

I and John would first like to thank you for taking time to show us around your wonderful property. We are delighted and would love to be part of this locality. We simply love the location, neighborhood and the environment.

I would like to put forward that we would be perfect tenants. While discussing the matter of rental both of us feel that we will not be able to bear this amount as both our incomes put together does not give us the comfort to spare the rental amount. Well I would like to inform that it is only a temporary situation and once the burden of our daughter’s university expenses are cut down (come fall and she will be completing her course) we can afford the property.

But still if you would like to accommodate us as a special case, we’d be delighted. We are ready to make down payment or security deposit you seek from us. We leave it up to you to take a decision and we shall be glad to take a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Hope you consider our request.



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