Business Thank You Holiday Letter

By | March 12, 2013


_________________ (name of the recipient)

________________ (designation)

________________ (residential address/address of the company)

Date: ___________

Subject: Business thank you holiday letter

Respected Sir _______ (salutation),

I am ____________ (sender’s name), working as ____________ (sender’s designation) at your company. I am writing this letter to express my thankfulness to you for providing me holidays for __________ (mention the number of days for which you were provided with holidays) days. I am really thankful to you for being so understanding and supportive.

It was a great help from your side to extend a helping hand for me and provide me with holidays as I was stuck with _________________________ (mention the reason for which an employee/business partner asked for holiday). It was because of your humble attitude that I was able to fulfill the needs by my presence. Sir, I promise to submit and complete all the work that I had to submit on ___________ (mention the date on which the employee/business person had to submit his work) latest by ____________ (mention the date on which an employee/business person agrees to submit his pending work). Also, I promise to work with full dedication and vigor once again.

Once again I am really thankful to you for your holiday approval.

Thanking you in anticipation.


____________________ (sender’s name)

____________________ (designation)

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