Holiday Leave Extension Letter

By | March 6, 2013


____________ [name of the recipient]

____________ [designation]

____________ [name and address of the company/institution]

Date: __________ [mention the date of writing your letter]

Subject: Request for holiday extension

Respected Sir ________ [salutation],

I am ___________ [mention the sender’s name] and currently I am under medical leave from ________ [mention the date from which the sender is on leave]. I underwent a surgery that requires me to have complete bed rest. I am writing this letter as my holiday leave extension letter to you. Through this letter I request you to kindly extend my leave till ________ [mention the date till which sender wishes to extend his leave], as doctors have advised me not to walk or exert.

I have already called my colleagues and other members of the department to update them about my condition. At the same time I am also trying to assure that my responsibilities and duties might be best fulfilled during my absence. Sir, I hope you understand that this leave extension is unavoidable; otherwise I would have been dedicatedly working at my post.

For your reference, I have enclosed physician’s recommendation note along with this letter. Please contact me if I could be of any assistance to you or for any other document that I have to submit.

Thanks a lot for your consideration.


____________ [sender’s name]

____________ [designation]0

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