Holiday Party Invitation Letter

By | March 12, 2013


_______________ [receiver’s name]

_______________ [address of the receiver]

Date: ____________

Subject: Holiday party invitation letter.

Dear ___________ [salutation],

As we land up to the holiday spirit, I am writing this letter to invite you to a party celebration. I wish to gather you all on a party celebration marking _____________ [mention the purpose of party] on__________ [mention the date of party] at _____________ [specify the complete address of the venue of the party]. I request you to kindly reach the party hall by ___________ [mention the time].

I am truly excited for a holiday party night and therefore I am writing to you to invite for the same. It is so long since we all have gathered at a place and enjoyed dancing, dining and chatting together. The party features mouth watery snacks, unlimited drinks; DJ night _____________, __________ and ________ [mention the things that are included in the party]. The dress code for a holiday party night is ___________ [mention the dress code, if any].

I would be glad to have your company. Please let us know whether you are attending the party by ___________ [mention the date by which an invitee should confirm his presence to the host].

We would love to have your presence with your family.



___________ [sender’s name]

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