Holiday Solicitation Letter

By | March 12, 2013


_____________________ [name of the recipient]

___________________ [designation]

_____________________ [Recipient’s address]

Date: ____________

Subject: Holiday solicitation letter

Respected Mr. ____________ [salutation],

I am writing this letter as I formally request you to grant me holidays for _______ [mention the number of days for which the holidays are solicited] days, that is from ____________ to ____________ [mention the period of your holidays]. Till now I have taken ________ [mention the number of holidays/leaves that you have already taken] of holidays to a total of ____________ days [mention the total number of holidays that are allocated to you in a year] of my allocated holidays.

I am soliciting for your approval as _____________________ [mention or specify the reason behind your holiday request]. This is surely unavoidable and I have to mark my presence. I promise to return back to my work from ___________ [specify the date of termination of your holiday]. I assure you that I will submit all the pending works, files, reports and project works latest by ___________ [mention the date of submission].

If there would be a need that I may stay on holidays for more than _______ [mention the number of days for which the holidays are solicited], I will surely update you through a phone call. I have always been a faithful employee working under your guidance and therefore I sincerely solicit for your approval.

Will wait for your approval.

Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.


_______________ [sender’s name]

______________ [designation]

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