School Holiday Letter to Parents

By | March 12, 2013


(School letter head, name of the school, address and phone number)

Date: __________

Subject: School holiday letter

Dear parents,

We wish you all a happy holiday season. We are writing this letter to inform you that school premises will remain closed from _____________ to _____________ (mention the period of holidays). The commencement of session will begin from __________ (mention the date of re-commencement of school). This is on account of ______________ (mention the reason for which the holidays are being provided to students)

Dear parents, you are requested to kindly see the holidays homework sheets that has been provided to your ward/children. You child is required to submit complete holiday homework, notebooks and models latest by ___________ (specify the date of submission) to their respective class teachers. You are also required to take a notice that once the holidays are over, your child must carry ____________, ____________ and ___________ (mention some of the important or essential things that a child needs to carry after his vacations).

For any further information, we shall update you through a phone call or an email.

You may contact us through school website ________ (mention the website address) or through ____________ (mention the contact number).

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


________________ (name of the sender)

_______________ (designation)

________________ (name of the school/department)

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