University Holiday Letter

By | August 2, 2012


_________________ [name of the staff member/ teachers/ faculty]

_________________ [Name of the institution whose staff is being informed]

_________________ [Contact No.]

_________________ [Date in format: date/ mm/ year]

Subject: Letter informing about the university holiday declaration.

Dear staff members/ teachers/ administration

This letter is being written to inform all the ____________ [mention whether staff members, teaching staff etc.] that the university administration has decided to grant all of you a leave for ________ [number of days for which holiday is declared], from the ____________ to the ____________ [date from which holiday begins and when it ends]. The holiday has been sanctioned by the central office and applies to all the institutions under their administration.

The holiday has been cleared on the occasion of ________________ [mention the reason for the holiday like Christmas etc.]. All the staff members/ faculty members have to report to their respective positions the very next day i.e. on the _________________ [date on which to report back]. We wish a very happy season to all of you.

With regards

__________________ [here the signature of the person writing the letter will come]

__________________ [name of the authorized signatory]

__________________ [designation of the signatory]

__________________ [name of the university]

__________________ [Contact No.]

__________________ [web address/ email id]

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