Business Product Inquiry Letter

By | March 6, 2013


_________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________ [designation]

_________________ [name and address of the company]

Date: __________ [mention the date on which the letter was written]

Subject: Business product inquiry letter

Respected Sir __________ [salutation],

I am writing this letter on behalf of ___________ [mention the name of sender’s company]. This is in reference to a brochure that you sent to us on __________ [mention the date on which a product brochure was sent], mentioning the newly introduced products by your company. Through this letter we would like to inquire about some of the business products. Enclosed with this letter is a list which includes the name of the products that we are interested in.

We would like to be updated about the price description of the products, the discounts that you may offer on the purchase of bulk, __________ and ___________ [mention some of the points on which a sender wishes to inquire]. Since ______ years, we are doing our business with __________ [mention the name of the company with which sender’s company is currently dealing with]. As we have heard that yours is the new company in the market, we are greatly interested to see the quality and durability of your products.

We hope for a prompt reply from your side. For any kind of information that you may need, contact us on ___________ or ____________ [mention the contact details of a sender or his company].



___________ [sender’s name]

___________ [designation]

___________ [name of the company]

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