Fundraising Inquiry Letter

By | March 6, 2013


_____________ [name of the recipient]

_____________ [designation]

_____________ [name and address of the company]

Date: ____________ [mention the date on which the letter was written]

Subject: Fundraising inquiry letter.

Respected Sir/ Madam ________ [salutation],

I am writing this letter on behalf of ____________ [mention the name of an organization of the sender]. We run an organization wherein we ________________ [mention the area or field into which the organization is involved in]. We are organizing a fundraising event with a purpose of _________________ [mention the purpose of organizing fundraising event].

As you have always been a great contributor and donor to us, we are writing to inquire you whether or not you are interested for the same. We assure you that your donations and funds would surely be used for a noble cause. We do not force our donors to pay a specific amount of donation, but we leave it on them according to their wish. You may send us cash at the address _______________ [mention the address of the sender’s organization] or a cheque signed under the name of _____________.

We hope that once again you would appear to be a helping member and a great contributor to us. We will contact you by the end of this week to know about your interest. You may contact us on ____________ [mention sender’s contact details]

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


_____________ [sender’s name]

_____________ [sender’s address]

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