Inquiry Dispute Letter

By | August 2, 2012

_____ / ____ / ____ [date format: dd/ mm/ yy]


_____________________ [full name of the recipient]

_____________________ [job title i.e. manager]

_____________________ [name of the credit card company]

_____________________ [address of the company]

_____________________ [contact no.]

Subject: Letter inquiring a dispute with the organization

Mr. ___________ [recipient’s last name]

I am writing this letter in reference to the statement I received for my ______________ [name the credit card company] credit card, dated _____________ [date of receiving the statement]. I am writing to inquire about a few anomalies that I spotted in the statement. There are a few credit purchases that have been added to my account, but I have not made any of those purchases.

I request you to cross check your database and sold the dispute regarding the transactions as soon as possible. The purchases add up to a total amount of ________________ [mention the amount of purchase]. The transaction number as given in my statement are _________________ [mention the transaction number/ id], dated _____________ [mention the date of transaction]. My account and card details are given below.


______________ [signature]

______________ [full name]

______________ [address and contact no.]

______________ [social security number]

Card details:

Account number: _______________

Card number: __________________

Open date: ____________________

Last activity date: _______________

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