_____________ [Employer’s name]

______________ [Employer’s designation]

_______________ [Company’s name]

_____________ [Company’s address]

_____________ [City/code]

__________ [Date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: job interview inquiry letter

Dear _______ [name of the person being addressed]

I am writing letter regarding the post you gave in__________ [name of newspaper] for the job interview being held for ________ [mention the required post] in your company________ [name of the company]. It is my pleasure to inform you that I really want to work with your company because _______________ [mention all the reasons for working with the other company and elaborate on the success of the company], hence would like to inquire about the date and time of the interview.

I have done my graduation in___________ [mention all the courses and degrees you have] and also has the experience of working as__________ [earlier post] for ________ [mention the number of years] years. I am herewith enclosing a copy of my resume with this letter so that you can go through it to consider me worthy for the interview.

Please revert back with the interview schedule and details of __________ [mention the other details required by the sender].You can contact me on ______________ [mention the contact number of the sender].

Thanking you,

___________ [Name of the sender]

_____________ [Signature of the sender]


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