Name Availability Inquiry Letter

By | August 2, 2012


_______________ [Name of recipient]

______________ [recipient organization name]               Date: _________ [dd/mm/yy]

______________ [address of the organization]

______________ [Name of state, country]                                         

Subject: Name availability inquiry letter

Respected _________________ [recipient salutation]

I, ____________ [name of sender] am writing this letter to you to inquire about the availability of a name which I wish to use for ____________ [mention the entity for which the name is to be used]. I was wondering whether or not this name is not taken up by any other ________ [mention the category of the entity for which the name is to be used] in the state of __________ [mention the state to which the entity belongs].

I have _______ [mention the number of desired name choices or options] most desired name options for the ___________ [the entity for which the name availability inquiry is being sent out] and would like to know if any one of the names is available and not already in use. The following are my choices

  1. ________________[give first choice]
  2. ________________[give second choice]
  3. ________________[give third choice]
  4. ____________[similarly give the other choices]

I will be pleased to get a quick reply from you on _________ [mention contact details of sender]

Thanking you

______________ [sender name]

_______________ [sender’s address]

_______________ [sender’s contact number]

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