Interview Email Thank You Letter

By | February 27, 2013


_________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________ [designation]

_________________ [name and address of the company]

Date: ___________ [specify the date on which the letter was written]

Subject: Interview email thank you letter

Respected Sir/Madam ___________ [salutation],

I am writing this letter to thank you for your interview email. I have received your email on __________ [mention the date of receiving] regarding the job interview for the post of _______ [mention the job post for which the interview is to be held]. I am truly grateful to you for considering me as a deserving candidate to sit for an interview with you.

I have carefully read the interview email and I am ready to appear for my interview on __________ [mention the date on which the interview is to be held] which is to be held at __________ [mention the place of the interview]. As per your notice, I will reach the interview hall sharp by ________ [mention the time] with all the important documents such as ______, ________ and _______ [mention some of the supporting documents like resume etc].

I once again thank you for having faith in my skills and for presenting me with an opportunity to sit for an interview. I assure you that if selected, I would prove to be a finest addition to your organization.

Thanks a lot!


____________ [sender’s name]

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