Introduction Letter to CEO

By | February 20, 2013


____________ [name of the CEO]

CEO [designation]

_____________ [name of the company or an organization to which CEO belongs]

Date: __________ [date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Introduction letter to CEO

Respected Sir ________ [salutation],

I am ___________ [mention sender’s name], Head of __________ Department [mention the name of the department]. Through this letter I would like to introduce you to our new employee ________ [mention the name of an employee who is being introduced], who has been employed as ________ [mention the job post of the employee]. His date of joining is ______[mention the date of joining of an employee].

Sir, Mr. __________ [name of the employee] has been appointed at our company by the members of HR department, after a careful review, interview sessions and group discussions. He holds an experience of _______ years [mention the number of years of working experience], of working at big companies like __________ and ________ [mention the name of the companies]. After a careful consideration of his skills, credentials, and educational qualifications such as ______________________ [mention employee’s skills, educational background etc], we came to a decision that Mr. __________ [name of an employee] is the most deserving candidate matching our requirements.

Sir, we hope that he would work upto the best of our expectations.

Thanking you for your consideration.


___________ [sender’s name]


___________[department name]

___________ [name of the company]

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