Introduction Letter to Volunteers

By | February 20, 2013

Date: ________ [mention the date on which the letter is written]

Subject: Introduction letter to volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

I am writing this letter on behalf of ______________ [mention the name of the organization or the company to which the sender belong to]. Our organization welcomes volunteers from all over the City to serve for the noble cause. Since many years, we have dealt with issues such as ________, ________ [mention some of the issues which an organization dealt with] and has actively initiated and participated in many programs such as __________ and ________ [mention some of the programs].

Through this letter we would like to introduce all our volunteers to our upcoming program __________ [mention the name of the program]. The program is all about _______________________________ [briefly describe the purpose of the program]. We welcome the volunteers who can actively indulge in participating for the same. Their main duties would be to spread awareness, _______, ___________ and __________[mention some of the duties of the volunteers]. In addition, working hours per day for a volunteer would be ___ [mention the working hours], ____ days a week [mention the number of days]. A volunteer would be granted a certificate of participation, cash money, ______ and______ [mention some of the benefit provided to volunteers].

Volunteers of all age groups are openly invited. Enclosed with this letter is a document that will introduce you to the program in a better way. Interested volunteers may submit their confirmation letter to the under mentioned address, latest by ______ [mention the last date].

We look forward for a positive reply.



___________ [sender’s name]

___________ [complete address of the organization of the company]

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