New Website Introduction Letter

By | August 6, 2012


_____________ [Client’s name]

_______________ [Client’s designation]

_______________ [Business name]

_________________ [Business address]

__________ Date

Subject: new website introduction letter

Dear Mr. /miss__________ [client’s name]

It is our great privilege to inform you about the new website launched by our company by the name of__________ [give website name], dated_________ [date of launch]. Our company__________ [Senders Company’s name to be mentioned] is introducing this new website for the service of our customers and clients.

Our new website is regarding_____________ [give an account of the website content and its uses for the client] which is accessible to all the users within the age group of___________ [mention the age limit for the users of the website]. The main reason for launching this website is ____________ [give the reasons for creating the website]. Our company has employed over________ [mention the number of employees] who are very efficient and creative. We are positive that with the help of these employees our website would be a success in future.

The URL address of our website is _____________ [mention the URL address]. Please visit our website as it is made for your service and if you have any further suggestion for its improvement you can contact us on___________ [give your phone number]


____________ [Your name]

________________ [Designation]

_________________ [Your Company’s name]

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